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Admiral William H. McRaven, US Navy (Ret.)

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"These stories will take your breath away, break your heart, and leave you in awe of the hard work, raw courage, ingenuity, and resilience of the men and women who wear the boots. Every American should read them."

President bill Clinton

from the heroes 🎖

Wyre Wolf

It's Saturday night. I'm lay in a hospital bed. On Monday I had my lower left leg amputated after a motorcycle accident a few years back that I didn't heal from. This whole week I've been using the furniture in this room to lift and curl and press. I've attached resistance bands to my bed and I've been doing laps of the ward as fast as I can in my wheelchair. There are no negatives here. The phantom pains have kicked in today. They're savage, but I'm just smiling and accepting it because I know that I win in the end. They're here now, but they won't last. I will. All is good.

Lubious Poper

Whenever I think im having a shit day at work i think of the Vietnam POW's and kick it in to gear. Sounds so stupid 😂


Better stories than any action movie and they actually happened. Makes my brain melt.

Izaak Mike

This has inspired me to get out of the bed from a 6 month depression. Now I'm on the warpath, 30 lbs lighter and employed. Thanks!

A Jax

This is where I come for strength while I'm in one of the most difficult most toughest battles of my life.

stories that inspire

The Daily Hero

With John "Tilt" Stryker Meyer

Discover the untold stories behind the secret SOG missions from "The Godfather" of the Special Forces elite

  • SOG Team Leader, Vietnam (Special Forces, Ret.)
  • Award-Winning Author & Founder, SOG Publishing

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"The brave die never, though they sleep in dust: Their courage nerves a thousand living men."


"Every time I read through these [SOG] stories it just blows my mind. I can not believe the level of heroism and courage - these are freakin’ crazy operations! Unbelievable.

What you guys did over there took it to a whole other level and set the bar so high for the rest of us forever. It's an honor to pay some kind of tribute to what you guys did."

Jocko Willink, Entrepreneur & US Navy SEAL (Ret.)

from the heroes 🎖


I need daily TILT Talks 👍 👍 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

CAG RangerSealNinja

John Stryker Meyer and all the ol 'Nam boy's" are still my favorites. 👍 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

Kerry Pope

These S.O.G . pipe hitters have finally found the sunlight of history.Incredible interview,thank you for taking the time to introduce these heros to a grateful nation


God bless Doug French, John Tilt, Jocko, & all SOG, hell all combat vets out there. May your stories reach far, & your minds settle at ease. Yalls stories have assisted me in fighting my demons in ways you couldnt imagine, I couldnt thank yall enough for the life lessons & inspiration, Im sure you've helped many more than me. thank you for everything.

Rob Keeley

What a service these stories are. These men should never be forgotten. MACV-SOG!

Ryan C.

Really amazing story telling from these S.O.G bad asses, Never forget.


You're all heroes. Thank you for being examples of what a man should be.

David Aldridge

These dudes are fkn G's...people can't even process how these guys are put together. I listened to this a 2nd time and I'm sure I still missed a lot of noteworthy details.

Think about the way the average soft attention seeking person acts these days; then consider the fact that he sat quiet for 30+ years cause there was no one to talk about it with. Towards the end he mentioned that he "never fought a day in South Vietnam" cause he was putting in work in areas they weren't supposed to be...and he seemed to get a kick out of allowing civillians to think he didnt get busy while on tour if they misunderstood what he meant when he said "he never fought a day in S Vietnam".

People these days are so quick to beat their chest and promote the weakest accomplishments then you have guys like this operating on a level that most can't fathom ...and they do/did it quietly like they're going to work.

It's easy to respect ✌️ 🙏

Matthew Leckrone

"You better sit down. This is The Frenchman." Absolute legends


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"Uplifting stories of bravery, duty, and honor, an account of men who found the courage to take on an impossible mission–and prevail against all odds."

Howard blum, NY Times bestselling author

from the heroes 🎖

Sean Cronin

Thank you Charlie Plumb. You gave me a lesson in courage, spirit and class.

Maximus Maxwell

Can you imagine how dope it would be if a bunch of the team guys were in a roundtable talk?!? I would lose my sh*t!

A Jax

Bro... you're talking to the man that started top gun..... bro

j m

This is heaven. The real Maverick

Crystal Chandler

I can listen to Mike Ritland for days!

Adam Buicke

I can't believe I used to be impressed by celebrities.

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"These great adventure tales are everything an important book should be – full of lessons, at many levels, about leadership, intelligence, savvy and persistence. ... Learn, adapt & win."

John F. lehman, jr., Former Sec. of the navy & bestselling author

from the heroes 🎖

Big Job

That's the beauty of it to have loyal Brothers around you especially when it's time to start puttin in that work 🙏 💪


My testosterone went up 400+ points by just listening to these guys! Lol!

Cat99 Mahal

"almost form a tear in my non shooting eye"
The comment section and this podcast makes me thankful that REAL ALPHA MEN still exist! 😎 💪


After this video: went from no chest hair to full chest hair.

Bryce Hughes

Going bald... Good. I'll save money on haircuts.

Lucky OneThree

Step on legos? GOOD. you'll watch where you step next time.

Tyler McBeth

Keyboard stop working suddenly? G

Eddie Moreno

Extreme Disownership... Dayyummmmmm Hahahahahahahaha

Andrew Crawley

This is hilarious. 100% meathead mode: engaged #GOOD

Brad T

This is my favorite comment section 😂

You're all hilarious.

“This is why you were chosen. The strong man who has known power all his life may lose respect for that power.

But a weak man knows the value of strength. And he knows compassion.”

Captain America

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"It is often said that 'war is hell'–and it is–however, these stories reveal how the human spirit can shine in the darkest hours."

Col. Charles McGee, Tuskegee Airman, WWII

from the heroes 🎖

Tracy Reasoner

BTF Tony Is the BEST ! when can I get a Shirt "GOONED UP" or some other quote... Come on Get on it!


"Do they sell men's shirts where you bought that??" LMFAOO!!

Majestic Twelve

We all need a t shirt that says "If I'm complaining, punch me in the face"



A Jax

This is where I come for strength while I'm in one of the most difficult most toughest battles of my life.

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